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Welcome to Dr. Paul Howard’s Faceliftology Video Blog Page.  We welcome you to bookmark this page.  New videos are being added often on the Facelift topics you seek.  Thank you for visiting Dr. Howard’s very special blog devoted to Facelift.


Dr. Paul Howard

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham AL



One thought on “Faceliftology Video Blog

  1. Sounds the best of anything I have read so far. would like to see some actual costs. That’s the only thing, getting costs are very difficult unless you read someone’s blog on their bad experience then they usually tell you how much their bad experience cost them. I know now I won’t be going to Life Style Lift. The stories are terrible. I have read 3 Real Plastic Surgeon sites in Alabama and Dr. Howard is the one I will choose. Whatever you decide just do some research and read everything you can find before you decide.

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